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Evidence-Based Critical Care
By:Marik, Paul Ellis , 3rd ed.

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Metabolic Disorders and Critically Ill Patients: From Pathophysiology to Treatment
By:Ichai, Carole , 1st ed.

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Hepatic Critical Care
By:Nanchal, Rahul , 1st ed.

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Textbook of Neurointensive Care
By:Layon, A. Joseph MD , 2nd ed.

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Humidification in Intensive Care Medicine: Physiological Basis, Equipment, and Applications
By:Esquinas, Antonio Matias , 1st ed.

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Intensive Care Manual
By:Vincent, J. , 1st ed.

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Infection Control in the Intensive Care Unit
By:Saene , 1st ed.

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Perioperative and Critical Care Medicine
By:Gullo, Antonio , 1st ed.

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Mechanical Ventilation in Patient with Respiratory Failure
By:Pupella R , 1st ed.

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Mechanical Ventilation in the Critically Ill Obese Patient
By:Esquinas, Antonio M. , 1st ed.

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Mechanical Ventilation in Patient with Respiratory Failure
By:Pupella, Rosalia A. , 1st ed.

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Pediatric and Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation: From Basics to Clinical Practice
By:Rimensberger, Peter C. , 1st ed.

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Geriatric Trauma and Critical Care
By:Yelon, Jay A. , 1st ed.

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Textbook of Rapid Reponse Systems: Concept and Implementation
By:DeVita, Michael A. , 1st ed.

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Cardiovascular Pediatric Critical Illness and Injury
By:Wheeler, Derek S. MD , 1st ed.

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Pocket Guide to Critical Care Pharmacotherapy
By:Papadopoulos, John BS, PharmD , 1st ed.

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